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Confessions of a Cheap Freak 

Someone who is “cheap” is a person that is reluctant to spend money. It’s a negative way to describe a person. 
Some people are reluctant to spend money and can be called “cautious”, that is a more positive way to describe a person. For example, you have bills to pay so decide to cook instead of going to a restaurant. This is positive because it’s responsible to be careful with your money. 
A “cheap person” is a person who is cautious and can ensure they can get the most from a product for as little as possible is in my mind a shrewd individual with a positive mindset. 
At Trendstore 1 we try to accommodate the “cheap person’s” positive mindset so that not only is the customer feeling satisfied with the price of the product we also ensure the customer feels satisfied with quality. 
Trendstore 1 would like you to ask us what you’d like to see on our store so that we can try and achieve the impossible and source and locate a suppliers or manufacturers to produce & supply products which are cheaper and satisfies your quality expectations. 
So why not check out and then send us your product list so that we can ensure price and quality match your expectations. 
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