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Peeball - The Ultimate Game For Men!

Welcome to the ever-expanding World of Peeball. Here you can check out the rules of the game, pick up tips to improve your performance, find answers to your questions, learn about the stars of This is a Power Peeball the game and see the myriad of styles and stands that make Peeball the great game it is. Power Peeball is the game that's changing the way millions of men go to the toilet. Unwrap, drop into the playing surface and let rip. A seemingly simple game; destroy the biodegradable ball in the shortest time possible - you'll learn it in seconds and then take years to master its infinitesimal complexities.
Peeball - The Ultimate Game For Men! 
The Amazing Game That's Changed The Way Millions Of Men Go To The Toilet 
£1 Price Of This Item Includes Donation To The Prostate Cancer Charity 
Super Power Edition 
Pack Contains 27 Regulation Ipf Power Peeballs 
Comes Packed In A Box 
The rules of Power Peeball are simple: 
Unwrap the Power Peeball and place it carefully in a urinal (single and trough urinals are both acceptable playing areas, although for league and competitive matches the urinals must meet the individual rules and regulations of the relevant local governing bodies). 
Take aim and once urination has commenced, start the clock. This is 'The Stand'. In Power Peeball, the stand does not have to consist of a single, non-stop stream of urine - although the competitor is not allowed to move away from the urinal. 
Aiming the stream at the Peeball, try to destroy it in the shortest possible time. Once all the residual fragments have been dispatched down the urinal drain, stop the clock (In championship games, points are awarded for style, technical merit and artistic interpretation. At all levels of competition, the use of penile siphons or any other artificial urinary aids is strictly forbidden). 
Any leakage away from the stand results in instant disqualification. Holding it in to the point of pain is stupid. Remember, Peeball is about skill and control, not producing huge volumes of urine. 
If a player finds a semi-dissolved ball in a urinal, it is every peeballer's solemn duty to destroy any remnants before play recommences with a new ball. Please respect and uphold Peeball tradition at all times. 

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